Easy Kitchen Décor Ideas

Your kitchen is the main room in the house. Each member and guest of the house will visit the kitchen at some point or another, so it is important to make it look presentable. If your kitchen is boring or muted, here are some fabulous ideas for a kitchen makeover.

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Use a three color palette when decorating the kitchen. The first color is the existing colors that are best left as is for an easy refresh, unless your cabinets can be painted or you want the new granite countertops Milwaukee vendors have available. The second color should be a neutral color that decorates the walls as a backdrop for the kitchen. The third color is a bold and unique color that ties everything in together. The third color breathes life into the room and can be used for cooking utensils, pitchers or plant containers, and other accents.

Have a focal point for your kitchen. This is the first thing everyone will see when they walk into the kitchen area. They are bold and make a personal statement. If you used the color palette above, use the third color to make the focal point stand out. You can even try using a textured wallpaper, or something with a pattern, to dress up your focal point. It will only be on one wall, so be brave and unique when decorating it.

Use open shelving to show off glassware. Open shelving is one of the newest trends floating around the kitchen décor scene. These make the kitchen look brighter by creating a visual space that the eyes can enjoy, but un-matching Tupperware and glassware must be kept out of view. These may clash with the design scheme in the kitchen and make things look messy. You can use floating shelves to display color-coordinated items. LED lights can be installed in cabinets to make them the highlighting feature of the kitchen.

These ideas can take your kitchen to a new level. Go with your personal style and let your kitchen represent you to the fullest.